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This is an unofficial Star Citizen fansite, not affiliated with the Cloud Imperium group of companies. All content on this site not authored by its host or users are property of their respective owners. ( )

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This API is a simple way to retrieve data from the RSI website like Ships , Users or Organizations or from the Data.p4k file.


This requires an API key see the Getting Started page to get one.

There are three ways to get data:

  • live : get data directly from RSI website, this method is slower than the cache method but at least data is up-to-date (each result in live updates cache ).

  • cache : get data from the internal database which is refreshed automatically when a live query is made each day around 02h00 UTC+00.

  • auto : get data from the cache method first and only then the live method if cache has no data available (response delay may vary).

  • eager : get data from the live method first and only then the cache method if live encounters an error or you have exceeded the limit (response delay may vary).


Any request in live mode will consume your API key , see API Key for more information.

If you just want to get notified on Star Citizen updates, I recommended you to download my app on the Google Play Store Notifier for: Star Citizen .


The API key is required to restrict abuses and control the charge of the server without slowing the live process.

The API key is a string composed of 32 alphanumeric characters which is required in every single API call.

Example of API key : 0d32404d021613ba948ba0aeef324ef5 .


Your API key allows you to send 1000 requests precisely per day in live``mode (``cache mode is unrestricted) to avoid abusing live queries which are very demanding in resources.

How to use the API key

To use the API key simply replace (string:apikey) with your own API key .

In this example below we will use this one API key : 0d32404d021613ba948ba0aeef324ef5

Example for User :

The request:

GET / ( string: apikey ) /v1/ ( string: mode ) /user/ ( string: handle )

Replace it using your own API key :

GET /0d32404d021613ba948ba0aeef324ef5/v1/ ( string: mode ) /user/ ( string: handle )

And a real call looks like:

GET /0d32404d021613ba948ba0aeef324ef5/v1/cache/user/dymerz

You can obtain all stored data about yourself using:

GET /0d32404d021613ba948ba0aeef324ef5/v1/me
  "message": "ok",
  "source": null,
  "success": 1,
  "data": {
    "creation_date": 1570872555,
    "edition_date": 1572366357,
    "id": 1,
    "oauth_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "privileged": 0,
    "provider": "discord",
    "user_key": "0d32404d021613ba948ba0aeef324ef5",
    "value": 1000

Getting Started

Before using the API you should grab your own API key . To do so, you have to be logged in or you can join the Discord .

Using Web login

Simply loggin at the top of this page using one of your preferred accounts (Discord/Google).

Using Discord

First, join the Discord . Next, navigate to the channel named keys and type-in the command /api register , the Bot will then send you a private message containing your very own API key .


for more help about commands, type /help